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Championing Conservative Values in America

NOV / 07 / 2018

2018 Midterm Post Mortem

"The following midterm House control shifted to the GOP but recall that the GOP had a vision they called the Contract with America giving the electorate a reason to seek change."

The GOP in 2018 had no plan to deal with the 40 or so vacancies. It must be asked how they neglected to anticipate that mass exodus? Their bench, for the most part, was underwhelming. Their plan was to simply hang on. In politics, you must always stay on offense and be advancing. Holding on is a losing strategy. The GOP offered no vision that energized the base or that would win over independent voters like the Contract with America. Who in the GOP led an effort like this in 2018 House races?

Equal Opportunity Racism

Imagine President Trump saying that “black males are the biggest threat to safety in neighborhoods.” The outrage from the left would be tremendous even though there is empirical research and statistical data that shows, “the No. 1 cause of preventable death for young black men is homicide, usually committed by another black man.” That being said, President Trump would be eviscerated by liberal Democrats and liberal media for saying it.


Not Just Evidence—Empirical Research and Data Matter, Too

Emmett Till a young black kid visiting his grandmother in Mississippi was accused by a white woman of whistling and flirting with her. Under the every female victim is telling the truth standard that the left is promoting, her husband and a few others disregarded concepts like due process, the rule of law and replaced it with mob rule. They kidnapped him, shot him in the head and threw his body in a nearby lake without corroboration or evidence. She later recanted.


David Clarke Interview on Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh

View the Global Lane video interview with Sheriff David Clarke on his view of Professor Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


The Need for Secure Borders

The most important aspect of immigration reform is keeping America safe. Illegal drugs, weapons, terrorists, and criminal gangs are pouring into the United States through our unsecured border.


If Kaepernick Wants to Help Kids, He Should Help Them Improve — Not Rabble-Rouse

If Kaepernick wants to help black and Hispanic kids in poor neighborhoods, he should help groups that find ways to keep kids in school, close the education gap, strengthen black families and prepare our children for well-paid jobs in fast-growing industries like health care, micro-electronics, and bio-tech.


Trump is Right: the Alt-Left Exists & the Media Ignores It

The very next day after Charlottesville, some were trying to cloak the liberal riot-starters who showed up itching for a confrontation by portraying them as a force for good. But the truth was very different. In reality, extreme leftist movements — be they Antifa or Black Lives Matter — are in the same category as neo-Nazis and white supremacists.


Another Tragedy, Another Round Of Politicization

First, there are the usual calls for more gun control with support for the erosion of Americans’ Second Amendment rights.


Sheriff David Clarke: Democrats ‘Have Screwed this Country Up with Failed, Liberal Urban Policies’

"Mass incarcerations, especially of black males, is a myth. Look, the Democrats did this. They have screwed this country up. They screwed it up with failed, liberal urban polices.”


Leaving the Most Vulnerable Defenseless

The people who are the most likely victims of crime are the very ones who benefit the most from being able to defend themselves. While gun control may stop some criminals from getting guns, it is the most law-abiding who obey the law and are disarmed.


Liberalism’s Impact on Abhorrent Behavior

As a governing ideology, liberalism has mainstreamed all behavior no matter how bizarre it might be. This enables crazy conduct that has no limitations – an era best described as “anything goes.” The reality is that conduct must have well defined and established borders.


Target Criminal Behavior, Not Guns

If the gun was the cause of violence then gun violence would be evenly distributed across demographics among the gun-owning population. However, that isn’t the reality.

Making America Safe Again

There are a handful of new approaches we should take to make America safe. We must identify repeat perpetrators by their long rap sheets. Send out teams of officers to arrest everyone out on outstanding felony warrants. Arrest probation and parole offenders for the slightest violation of their probation or parole. Follow-up with quality debriefings by investigators to determine the associates of perpetrators and the vehicles they own. Prosecute offenders and keep them locked up for the longest period allowed by law, keeping neighborhoods safe. Set high bail and stop liberal programs like community corrections and second chances for repeat offenders. Send felons who use a gun in commission of a crime to the Department of Justice for prosecution because federal guidelines for sentencing are longer and more certain. Stop accepting plea bargains in exchange for weak sentences. The reality is that these policy alternatives are effective crime control tools.

How many Americans in Chicago, D.C., and Milwaukee will be killed by violent offenders until leftist politicians realize their criminal justice policies have failed us all?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to push back against the status quo. In order for my proposed strategy to work, police commanders must be able to empower and support frontline officers. Law enforcement officers have been emasculated and defanged in the assault by the cop-hating crowd that has risen since the incident in Ferguson, Missouri. America needs officers to once again engage in assertive policing that keeps crime and violence in check. Policing tactics such as traffic stops and field interviews based on reasonable suspicion prevent crime before it happens. They help turn up illegal gun possession, dangerous drugs and people wanted on serious felony warrants.

Unfortunately, cops have backed away from the risks associated with aggressive policing out of fear that they’ll be part of the next sensationalized national news story. They are reluctant to jeopardize their careers because of some snap-shot phone video of an incident taken out of context even when they are later exonerated.

If mayors and police commanders are unwilling to come up with a strategy such as the one I propose – improving the quality of life in crime-ridden neighborhoods through proven tactics – then they should prepare for another violent summer. One in which blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately victimized by crime and violence.


“We must look at what prompted the shootings in the first place”

Unfortunately, cops have backed away from the risks associated with aggressive policing out of fear that they’ll be part of the next sensationalized national news story.


“It’s time to build the wall.”

Illegal aliens should be detained pending their deportation hearing, and should not be allowed to leech off of hard-won American rights.


“Education has always been then vehicle to upward mobility in the United States.”

We’ve become a very, very secular society and that is not how this country was started. God has been marginalized, God has been pushed out of public square.


Leaving The Most Vulnerable Defenseless

“Local law enforcement executives have fallen for this social engineering garbage…”

We are now paying the price for not having won this warped culture change, one that is playing out in mass shootings.


“The problem isn’t a lack of social activist indoctrination. It’s a lack of education.”

Kaepernick isn’t helping his community. He is financing the continuation of cultural dysfunction that leads to the cultural rot permeating urban centers, such as men who father multiple children outside of marriage.